If you’ve been looking for ways to increase your online sales.

Trying to make health oriented information understandable and relate able to the average reader.

Or maybe you simply want your health related product to get the best chance at becoming a success in a competitive marketplace.

If this is you, then please contact me, it’s exactly what I specialize in.

I offer a couple packages to fit your particular needs.


Pay by the hour for your project. Great for smaller projects.

Includes -Basic writing-



Website Review

Get a full website complete with re-written pages and images


-Advanced rewrites
-Advanced Editing-
-Page-by-page changes-
-Full delivered report-

$575 per website
Full Service

Get a full service re-write of your website and marketing funnel.


-Advanced rewrites-
-Advanced Editing-
-Page-by-page changes-
-Full delivered report-
-Autoresponder review-
-Autoresponder rewrites-
-Optimization recommendations-
-Personal help making changes-

$2,750 per website

These different packages help suite many different clients needs and help drive their business success. Feel free to give me a call or email me, and we’ll work out a business plan to reach your particular needs and goals.


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