The NBA’s Biggest Health Secret


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Imagine you had the strength of a twenty-year-old and did not have to worry about aches and pains. That you had the energy to do what you want, WHEN YOU WANT.

    Maybe you're a parent that works 40 plus hours a week and finds it difficult to keep up with a growing family.

Or maybe your career takes a lot out of you and you're finding it challenging to keep the edge in a competitive workplace.

Or maybe, you just want more power to keep up with your lifestyle and could use that extra boost to accomplish it.

Lastly, you might just be looking to get yourself in shape, and honestly who doesn’t want to look they’re best.

Whatever it is, I can tell you that Basketball Yoga Blast created by FitR, INC. can help. 

   In fact, picture yourself walking down the beach in nothing but your swimsuit, being the envy of nearly everyone around. Or being able to get to your kids baseball game nearly every time- without lack of energy, or tiredness getting in the way.

Maybe you’re having trouble with your boss breathing down your neck with deadlines. Well this program can change that to you being able to meet, and exceed those deadlines. Possibly even leading to that promotion you’ve been looking for… all because of that extra energy YOU now have.

 And just so you know; Basketball Yoga Blast is endorsed by NBA coaches, doctors, sport medicine experts, chiropractors and fitness personalities.

Now I can't guarantee that this product will make you a twenty-year old again, but I can guarantee that if you follow it, let it guide you, you'll be in the best shape possible for YOU.

But now, lets help answer what’s probably going through your mind…


Where’s The Proof?

     You're probably thinking this sounds great, but where's the proof? How do I know this is for real? That this just isn't another gimmick... that this product will REALLY WORK?

Well take note of what Kent Katich the ‘Yoga Guru of the NBA' said about yoga and the Basketball Yoga Blast program.

     "When it wasn't cool to do yoga... I did." Kent Katich is an professional instructor who has taught yoga to hundreds of NBA players and is one of the few 7-foot-tall guys that still has his health. He's mobile, active, and feeling good! Most guys can barely walk at age (62) at that height, just from wear and tear.

His success is largely due to living an active lifestyle and from, as he will tell you... yoga.

    Kent Katich is also a firm believer in the Basketball Yoga Blast program, and is actually one of the NBA coaches that endorses it. In fact, it’s actually one of his main ways of getting NBA players to their peak potential.

Which is why, as stated earlier, this is the biggest health secret of the NBA and now that secret lies in your hands, waiting to be used…  Let’s break down how this program can help you, and more specifically in achieving what you otherwise couldn’t.


Enhanced Brain Power

      Basketball Yoga Blast’s main purpose, although it does have other benefits, would be enhanced brain power.

Its designed to give you better mental focus and improved blood and oxygen levels throughout the body. This allows the brain to be better prepared to work hard and tackle whatever tasks and challenges you have ahead of you.

The mind can be sharper, when you are more focused, calm, and paying attention to your inner self. Rather than the stress and pressures of the world around you. You'll be able to think logically, plan ahead, reason more clearly, enjoy mental challenges, and tap into hidden brain power like never before.

It is all made possible through regular yoga practices and routines that you make a part of your weekly schedule. Now remember that unruly boss? This is exactly what can help counter his unhappiness and may even lead to him congratulating you. That or he’ll at the very least go on to bugging someone else…


Higher Energy Levels

      Our program focuses on the specific part of Yoga that enhances energy. It does this by using exact poses for energy focus on bringing ‘Prana’, life force, back into the body.

Effective poses are those that extend the spine allowing energy to circulate throughout the whole body. Poses that open the chest, encouraging the intake of more breath – the ‘Prana’. Certain poses work on other aspects of creating energy. Evoking empowerment, and strength.

So when you’re feeling weak and depleted, it revitalizes you allowing you to get done what needs to. Grounding and stabilizing poses balance energy-zapping agitation as well, and certain conscious breathing techniques ‘Pranayama’ create calm.

So when you’re feeling like you don’t have what it takes to get through the week, or giving your children the time they deserve, and crave- this added energy can help you achieve, and exceed those responsibilities and cares.


Relieves Pain

      Yoga is known to focus on posture and breathing during its many routines, but it also puts emphasis on mental focus. Which can help during asthma episodes. Learning to focus, stay relaxed, and remain calm during stressful times can help improve lung functions and help sufferers during an asthma attack.

Yoga is also wonderful for those who suffer from arthritis because it is a very low impact exercise. It involves long, fluid movements, which main focus is on controlling the body’s movements.

This in turn can help to ease pain, loosen stiff muscles, increase mobility, and reduce symptoms of arthritis in the joints.

    Many medical studies have also been conducted and a lot of research put into the effects that yoga has on back pain. Many of these studies have pointed to yoga as a helpful step in reducing back pain.

Yoga and the associated mediation that comes with it helps prevent back pain by accentuating good posture and improving overall muscle tone.

So if you’ve been suffering, if the wears and tears of living in this system have been causing you distress and pain… THIS CAN COUNTER THAT, helping you live a better, happier lifestyle.


Actual Stories of Real People Using Basketball Yoga Blast Just Like You

    But enough about the facts, lets switch our attention to people who are using this program, normal people, who aren’t supermen or superwomen. But people that deal with the same day to day challenges as you or I.

Men and women who haven’t always had it easy, but tried their best to make things work- the only thing anyone can do, and see how its personally helped them achieve their best.

“Being a single dad, I need to keep my energy level up to keep up with my 6 and 8 year old sons. It’s not easy, I can tell you. I’ve found that your program helps me to maintain the fitness and stamina levels I need to manage work, kids, and home. Even though I can’t wait to pick up my sons from school, I’ve already put in a full day’s work. I’m an associate at a busy law firm. To keep my take-home work to a manageable amount, if I’m not with a client, I usually work right through lunch. By the time I get home, the boys are ready to have some fun with their dad! And I made a promise to myself that I would never let my work interfere with those few hours between the time we get home and the time they go to bed. For all of us, the best time of the day is when we’re all together — and Basketball Yoga Blast makes it fun for all of us to play basketball and stay healthy. After they go to bed, I can put in another 3 hours on my computer. I feel a definite difference when I’m consistent about following your program. My kids love it too. It’s all good.” — T. Young, New York, United States

“I have a demanding career life. I’m not complaining. I love it. Sadly, I’ve seen many up-andcomers burn out before they made it even halfway up the corporate ladder. Though I seem to thrive on the constant excitement, most people can’t take the pace. For those with families, I think it’s the long hours that create the most stress. I’m not going to let stress and long hours take its toll on me and my family. Therefore every evening when I get home, I fire up your program. I enjoy 30 minutes of a fun workout that involves one of my favorite past times — basketball. My husband can’t believe I found a yoga-basketball workout! He’s even joining me in my Basketball Yoga Blast workouts, so we both have a new appreciation for both pursuits. Even better, doing these workouts together has energized us for … um… other pursuits. Thanks for creating a basketball fan’s fan-tastic workout that helps us perform better on all levels.” — H. Walters, Calgary, Canada

“As Head Coach of Amateur Basketball Clubs of America, I work with many players who have day jobs and busy lives, but also want to pursue their passion for the game of basketball. I do everything possible to help each club member achieve his or her “personal best.” People who stay involved in athletics are usually better disciplined, better focused and healthier overall. I use my training as a coach and mentor to help them apply their athletic skills to achieving their personal weight and fitness goals. I believe that a daily workout routine is the most helpful in staying slim and agile.  After trying Basketball Yoga Blast with my teams, the results have been amazing!” — J. Cunningham, Boston, United States


The Busy Person’s Guide to Staying Healthy and Happy

      But let’s say that you’re an overly busy person- that putting in a 40 hour week is a short one for you. Maybe you’re busy as it is and literally can’t see yourself fitting in anything else in your schedule, that to do so would be to sacrifice something more important… and frankly you just can’t do that.

    Well I understand where your coming from, we all do, it’s called “Taking Care of the More Important Things.” Which is something each and every one of us needs to look after.

Well, what if I told you that this program was created for men and women like yourself and that it’s considered by many to be the answer to staying physically active like what this subheading suggests?

   That’s right! You can be healthy, stay in shape, and still run your life. That’s exactly what this program does- AND PROMISES. In fact, for no more than 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week you can achieve your ultimate health goals, and be in the body you’ve always dreamed of.

   Here’s a couple studies done on what our program can do for you, how it can really make you the best you can be!

Notice what SteadyHealth: one of the biggest health communities on the web, defines the health benefits of using the Basketball Yoga Blast Program.


 Builds Bone Strength

    Jumping and other physical demands of the Basketball Yoga Blast program help develop and improve bone health. The stronger your bones, the less likely they are to break.

Weight-bearing physical activity causes new bone tissue to form, making bones stronger. Bones and muscles both become stronger when muscles push and tug against bones during physical activity.


Burns Calories

    This program is geared towards running, jumping, and other quick lateral movements that provide a significant amount of aerobic exercise and can burn a great deal of calories.

For each hour of exercise, a 165-pound person can expect to burn around 600 calories, while a 250-pound person can burn up to 900 calories by simply following Basketball Yoga Blast’s routine.

    So for those of you that aren’t parents, or people who struggle to keep an edge in a competitive workplace, but instead are those who are just trying to stay at their best (and maybe look your best)- This is the answer!

If you’re worried about getting old. Becoming that person who can no longer do the things they love, but is handicapped because of extra weight, diminished strengthen, or poor stamina… THIS IS THE SOLUTION.

But is this program really the answer? Can it truly improve me physically and or allow me to live my life to the fullest? These are all fantastic questions, which brings us to the next subheading.


Basketball Yoga Blast… 1 of the Top 5 Programs Used by the NBA

  As of the beginning of 2017; Kent Katich, one of the founding fathers of the Basketball Yoga Blast, and one of the most revered coaches of the NBA announced that his program is NOW among the top 5 used by the NBA!

Hundreds of professional players have benefited from using this program, thanks to its well-rounded exercises and unique blend of yoga and basketball. And because of its popularity among athletes it’s now being opened up to the public!

Basketball Yoga Blast has been on the market for almost a year and during this time many have benefited from it, including professional athletes… Please note what they’ve had to say about Kent Katich’s curriculum.

Joe Johnson- a seven-time NBA All-Star, arguably the best player right now on the Brooklyn Nets, and the fourth highest-paid athlete in the league last season, said about yoga "Basketball Yoga Blast is better than weight training or anything of that sort. Its therapy for my muscles, and my muscles need that more than anything."

Blake Griffin- "For me, flexibility is huge, staying loose and healthy and staying limber--you can tell a difference when your muscles are tight or when you're stretched out and completely relaxed. Kent Katich’s program has helped me achieve and maintain that flexibility."

LeBron James- "Basketball Yoga Blast isn't just about improving your body, it's also about the mind and it's a technique that has really helped me. You do have to focus because there's some positions that can really hurt you at times if you aren't focused and breathing right, that’s exactly what Kent Katich has helped me achieve.”

   These are among a few of the many athletes who have used and achieved their best because of Basketball Yoga Blast program. And now it lies in your hands…

A short while ago it was made exclusively for athletes, but with a lot of hard work Kent was able to open it up the general public, incorporating different levels of difficulty to better suite the average person.

So whether you’re someone who wants to stay in shape or an aspiring athlete- Basketball Yoga Blast can help you achieve either and everything in-between! Which leads us to our next section.


 What’s Exactly Included in this Program?

   The question posed above is likely running through your head at this point, which is exactly what we’re going to get into now- What does this program include? What’s it all about?

   Glad you asked, Basketball Yoga Blast includes everything you’ll need to get into the mental, and physical shape you’ve dreamed about with no extra equipment needed… that’s right you won’t need to go and join a gym to achieve these goals- No batteries NOT INCLUDED with this program! It has everything you need and more. Let’s break them down a bit:


High Quality Yoga Mat- Included in this program is a high, durable mat that won’t fall apart after a year of use but will last a lifetime. Which is important since this mat will be something you’ll use a number of times a week, and breaking apart mats is one of the number one things people who do yoga complain about.

It’s also quite portable and easy to move as it folds up like a charm and even has a built-in handle! So whether you plan on taking it for a trip, or bringing it to work to use on your lunch break. It’s ready, durable, and convenient make, makes it easy to make it happen.


Basketball- Also included in this package is an authentic, NBA quality level basketball valued at 100.00 dollars on it’s own! In fact, many of the exercises require you to use one frequently, which is why this program has spared no expense in making sure you have the best equipment to make you- YOUR best


Six DVD Boxset- Basketball Yoga Blast includes a comprehensive set of 6, 2 hour long videos that move through beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. This allows you, the trainee, to get as physically in shape as you choose.

So whether you want to look good in a swimsuit, have more energy, relieve stress, or actually play your best at basketball; Kent’s curriculum can get you there!

Included also in these videos are specialized courses broken into, energy, strength, balance, and mental stability. This is helpful since many are busy, and only have so much time. Each of these segments is separated into 15 increments, making it easy to separate.

What this program caters to in a nutshell, is making you the best YOU can be in the amount of time YOU have. Not everyone has all the time in the world, which is why Basketball Yoga Blast has been called

“The Busy Person’s Workout to Staying Healthy- Physically and Mentally.


High Quality Carrying Case-Like the Yoga mat and basketball included in this package, our carrying case is also made sparing no expense. It’s made tough so that it lasts.

It has 4 built in compartments to hold the entire Yoga Blast program, making it easy, safe, and convenient to move it around if need be. Or just so you have everything in one place when you’re ready to work out!


    As we can see this program includes everything you need to get yourself in tip top shape, both mentally, and physically. If you want change, if you need more time, than this is the answer. Basketball Yoga Blast has helped countless people- parents, the career ambitious, aspiring athletes and many others achieve their dreams and will help many more in the years to come.

    Despite the value that’s included, and the grueling research and trial and error it took to create this impressive program. It is now going for the all-time low price of 169.99 from its original price tag of 299.99!

This price is for a limited time only, and has only become available due to Basketball Yoga Blasts growing popularity. With the price and value included in this program you may be asking yourself where you can find it, but before we get into that lets look at one more very helpful benefit that’s included in this curriculum.


The Busy Persons Guide to Eating Right

    Have you ever found it difficult to know what to eat and when, especially when you’re strapped for time and can’t prepare a nutritious meal?

The importance of eating healthy along with having a good physical routine is HUGE if you want to stay your best.

Because of this Basketball Yoga Blast has included a 100 page book including 100 different recipes on how to make quick, tasty, nutritious meals in under 5 to 10 minutes.

The creators of this program knew that they had one purpose, and that is

“to make YOU the best YOU can be”

but in light of this they wanted to go a step further, realizing that what you ate was just as important as physical exercise.

    As a courtesy we’ve included “The Busy Persons Guide to Eating Right” along with Basketball Yoga Blast program for free. We know that it can be hard at times to eat right, and keep mentally and physically active…

And that is our goal- to make it as easy as possible to stay healthy in the shortest amount of time. This book was written by Kalie Marshall: one of the most respected and well known nutritionists out there. Let’s dig into a few of its features:


100 quick recipes that can be made in less than 10 minutes (stated earlier)

A breakdown of what foods are best for gaining strength, energy, endurance and even how to lower high blood pressure along with a number of other pointers.

Dozens of easy, healthy snack choices to easily get or pack when you’re on the go.

   These are just a few of the many things this book will help you with. So if you find the food your eating doesn’t sit well with you, if you’re wondering how to get rid of that bit of extra weight that’s causing you grief, or just simply want a better diet… then our program is the answer!


Make the Change for the Better- Today

     Taking all this in, whether it be from health sites, actual testimonials from satisfied customers, basketball players, or even professional coaches themselves like Ken Katich. We can see the benefits of this blended program of yoga and basketball when it comes to mental and physical health.

Especially with the programs reduced price it’s easy to see the value, and change the Basketball Yoga Blast curriculum can do for YOU in achieving your goals and even dreams.

     But you may be thinking the price (even though it’s discounted) is a bit steep, or maybe your telling yourself you don't have the time, that your too busy to get involved with something like this.

Well those are valid points but that’s exactly who this program is geared towards… those who don’t have a lot of time.

    And as far as money goes, think how much cheaper this is than going to a gym which has an average monthly fee of 50.00 dollars per month- that works out to 600.00 a year!

This program is 169.99 and includes a rock solid guarantee which will get into later. To illustrate though the importance of taking care of yourself let me tell you a little story about my Dad. 


     It happened about 20 or so years ago where Dad found himself at the hospital. The Doc was telling him about this certain procedure they should get done, but the catch was it was going to cost him roughly 1000 dollars. Now this procedure was going to help him, make him healthier, but again IT WAS 1000 BUCKS.

So Dad said he'd think about it and get back to him. Exiting the hospital he made his way to the car fuming, annoyed that the procedure was going to cost what it did.

Entering his vehicle he closed the door and sat there thinking about it minute. As he did his eyes eventually settled on the dash, the steering wheel, and he got to thinking about the car, about the money he'd put into it to keep it running and eventually he thought to himself:

     "You know If the mechanic told me I needed to put a thousand bucks into the car to keep it running I wouldn't hesitate, I'd give him the money. But now this has to do with me, about getting something to keep me running, and I'm humming and hawing about it, but I'd put the money into the stupid car in a heartbeat."

Well with that realization he understood the importance of investing in himself and promptly exited the vehicle, found his doctor, and told him he wanted to get that procedure done as soon as possible.

   What we learn from this story is the importance of investing in YOU. No one else will do it for you, only you can do that. If YOU want more energy to take care of what really matters to you, like the kids, your spouse, your job. Or if YOU want to be in the best possible shape for you, then this is the answer.

Look at this program as an investment in yourself that's going to help you achieve your goals, to achieve what's really important. Once you enroll stick with it, if you do I can promise that this program- this lifestyle, will make you... the best You can be. 


Our 30 Day Trial Guarantee

    As said before this program carries a rock solid guarantee and that is- if you try it, and it just isn’t for you that’s okay, send it back free of charge within the first 30 days. Your money will be reimbursed promptly.

The last thing we want is for you to own something that you know isn’t right for you personally, which is why we have our no risk money back guarantee! So what are you waiting for? Make the choice today to fulfill your goals, don’t just dream about what your family, your career, your body could be… But make it- A REALITY. If you want change please click the link below.


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D. T. Thomsen Owner of FitR, INC

P.S. To thank you for your time we’d like to send you The Busy Person’s Guide to Eating Right as a gift, regardless of whether you want to order the Basketball Yoga Blast program or not.

We know eating healthy isn’t always easy, and because of this, we want to give you it free of charge to help YOU live a better, fuller life.